Get yourself fighting fit for the ring, for competition and for life!

Timetable and Sessions from 1st November 2016 @The A.B.A.


MONDAY -WEDNESDAY – FRIDAY 8.oopm-9.30pm New Venue Available

No Joining Fees – Pay As You Train

First session FREE!! £10 per class thereafter

Monthly Membership

£70 per month (nothing per class)

Our Promises to You


We at The ABA look forward to you joining us to either get yourself fit or fitter than you already are. Boxing training is a proven way to improve That's Right, It's For You! stress relief, concentration, discipline, confidence, self esteem and all round well being.


The ABA encourage men and women to come join us for a real authentic boxing experience, from the complete novice to the more experienced ones of you. We will help you to achieve your goals. All you need It's this simple! to get started is a pair of boxing wraps, normal training gear shorts or track bottoms, t-shirt, comfortable sports footwear, a bottle of water (a must) and a towel.

A Great Vibe

We also believe in creating a nice friendly atmosphere and vibe at our boxing sessions hence we always play up-tempo music to get you into the right frame of mind to train. We also recommend you get to the gym 15 min before class starts to get yourself prepared. Don’t delay…come and try us out. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed. It's a promise!